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07 February 2009 @ 05:14 pm

THREAD Laura arrives in the City, and Kiden recognises her. [13/10/08]
THREAD Laura is trying to deal with some criminals, and Kiden is entirely useless. [14/10/08]
THREAD Kiden decides that they should team-up, and invites Laura over. [15/10/08]
LOG Kiden and Laura watch movies at Kiden's apartment, have awkward family-related discussions, and then an even more awkward hug. [18/10/08]
THREADKiden finds a body in a dumpster, and Laura helps her out. [25/10/08]

THREADLaura continues to help Kiden out with the whole corpse incident. [25/10/08]
POST Kiden invites Laura to a party. Hats are involved. [31/10/08]
POST After Kiden gets drunk and breaks someone's knee, Laura makes sure she's alright. They then agree to go out for cake. [05/11/08]
LOG Kiden and Laura go out for cake. [06/11/08]
THREAD Laura is worried, because apparently Kiden thinks it's a great idea to go out for pie with Candlejack. [08/11/08]

THREAD Kiden decides to move out of the MAC, and may have forgot to tell Laura she was taking her with her. [14/11/08]
THREAD Kiden's supposedly dead dad shows up, and Laura lets her know she's coming home. [17/11/08]
LOG Laura gets back to the apartment and comforts Kiden. Sort of. Oh, and Teddy's there, too. [17/11/08]
LOG Kiden's still upset about her dad, and Laura's been staying in her room with her. To make her feel better, she gets a... kitten, from Xavin. Right. Cue hugging, angst, and some cheek-kissing. [19/11/08]
THREAD Kiden vanishes into No Time, and is gone for longer than she intended. [20/11/08]

THREAD Laura tries to get Kiden to stay home, during the massacre. [21/11/08]
LOG Laura and Kiden go shopping! Kiden asks Laura to move into her room with her. [01/12/08]
LOG Laura leaves in the middle of the night. [01/12/08]
POST Laura makes a post, telling Kiden and Spider-Man Sr. that she's left. [01/12/08]
POST After searching for her in No Time, Kiden makes a post, asking whether anyone knows where Laura is. [02/12/08]

LOG After Logan lets her know where Laura is, Kiden finds her, outside of the city. After much shouting and crying and proving to Laura that she can defend herself against her, Kiden convinces her to come back to the apartment, where there's much making out and general awww-ness. [07/12/08]
THREAD Kiden says that the others in the apartment need to find jobs, explains to Laura that whoring isn't something she should have to do, and then, after trying to find out what's going on between them, they awkwardly decided that they're together. [14/12/08]
POST Laura tells Kiden she's got a job; they discuss Laura's rather warped view of sex, and clear a few things up. [16/12/08]
POST Kiden finds out more about Laura's mum and talks to her about things. [20/12/08]
LOG Kiden and Laura keep each other warm during the powercut. Yup.[20/12/08]

THREAD/ACTION Kiden makes Laura breakfast, gives her her Christmas present, and then ends up sharing breakfast with her. [25/12/08]
THREAD Laura helps Kiden find her pants. [25/12/08]
LOG Kiden and Laura have sex. [25/12/08] [locked - NWS]
POST Spider-Man Jr. overhears a few things in the night that Kiden probably had rather he hadn't. [26/12/08]
THREAD Kiden and Laura discuss what languages Laura can speak. [29/12/08]

THREAD Kiden gets fired, and Laura offers to go shout at her ex-boss. [17/01/09]
POST Laura works too much and Kiden misses her. [01/02/09]
THREAD Kiden and Laura talk about birthdays. Awesome [06/02/08]
THREAD Laura and Kiden discuss how Kiden isn't useless. [11/02/09]
THREAD Kiden steals Laura's bra. [21/02/09]

POST Kiden wakes up, to find that Laura's been age-swaped. [02/03/09]
LOG Kiden attempts to bond with young!Laura. [02/03/09]
LOG Laura turns back to normal. [09/03/09]
THREAD Kiden and Laura sort out porter-shifts, and then discuss Laura's mother. [30/03/09]
POST Laura gets ported out. [02/05/09]

THREAD Laura gets ported back in! [23/06/09]
ACTIONKiden goes to meet Laura, and takes her back home. [23/06/09]
THREAD Kiden and Laura chat while she's at work. [26/06/09]
ACTIONLaura meets Kiden from work, and Kiden takes her into No Time. [26/06/09]
THREAD Laura needs a new job. [27/06/09]

updated: 29/06/09